How Do I Use the GENIE

Using the GENIE is very easy. All you need is a device connected to the Internet and a pair of head phones:

  1. Fill in the questionnaire and pass through check-out

  2. You will receive your personal Audio Protocol File. Download it to your chosen device.

  3. Find a peaceful space and make sure that no one will disturb you for the next 30 minutes. Turn your device on airplane mode so that nothing will interrupt your session.

  4. Lie down and listen to your Audio Protocol File. This will activate the session. It takes 13 minutes. It is very common to fall asleep during this time.

  5. After the session is over, continue lying down for another 15-20 minutes. Don’t interact with people, pets or devices during this time. After this return back to your normal routines in a calm way. The rest period after the session is very important for the integration of the protocol. DO NOT skip it.  

  6. Reserve time in your calendar for your next session. If you chose a symptom level treatment, wait 10 days before doing your next session. If you programed a root level treatment, leave 15 days between sessions. DO NOT do sessions more often than recommended as this will create instability in the energetic system. Less is more.

  7. When continuing a previously programmed treatment, use the same Audio Protocol File as before.