What is the GENIE

The-Qi-Store Genie is, to our knowledge, the first and only tool in the world that is able to access, use and link Quantum/Source Intelligence to create completely customized healing protocols without the presence of a master healer. 

Until now the connection point and channel has been a highly trained energy medicine specialist, but with the GENIE a new possibility of self-healing is introduced, in which the patient him/herself is given the powerful energetic tools and is encouraged to take charge of his/her own healing process.

The-Qi-Store GENIE uses a Quantum Intelligence (QI) Engine  to scan, analyse and create tailor-made energy treatments making the complex process of energetic healing accessible to anyone anywhere.

As a client, you simply have to define a clear framework for its use.

Just as when you go to see a doctor or energy healer,  you normally have a reason for visiting as well as a a desired result or goal you want to achieve by getting a treatment. Similarly, when using the Genie, you express what you want to heal as precisely as you can and you define the desired goal of the healing. The GENIE then serves as the connection point and pathway for the necessary Knowledge, protocols and Qi transmission for the healing your specifically chosen issue to take place.

The GENIE  is a powerful tool for anyone looking for a healthier, more vital, joyful and peaceful life-experience.

How to Use the GENIE

The key to getting the desired results with the GENIE is in the setting of a clear intention. The more clear, concise and specific your intention, the more precise the treatment will be. It’s important that you really think through what you want to work on before forming and expressing the intention.

The interaction with the Genie is done on the website in a questionnaire that preceeds the activation of the Genie Quantum Intelligence Engine and protocol creation. You will answer a series of multiple choice questions and two written statements of intention and your goal.

It is of utmost importance that you describe your intention as specifically and as briefly as possible. Your written intention becomes the main focus coded into the treatment. The protocols will be constructed around that focus point. 

The treatment is delivered as an audio file that serves as the link point to the Quantum Intelligence created healing protocol and energetic reservoirs. 

To recieve the treatment you simply listen to the file on your chosen device using headphones. The length of a treatment is 11 minutes after which you must remain still and relaxed during a minimum of 10 minutes while the qi settles.

Successful healing at any level is accomplished through focus and consistency. It is important to continue doing the treatment at the suggested intervals for as long as is necessary. The GENIE is a powerful tool that will help you get to your desired result when used regularly and consistently.