GENIE is an audio based technology through which you can immediately activate and access the powerful health benefits of deep meditation, in a targeted, effective, and easy way.

GENIE creates the necessary coherence and conditions in the mind, energies and body to begin realigning physical, mental and emotional imbalances. It supercharges the body’s innate repair and regeneration mechanisms, giving users a powerful and focussed therapeutic tool for recovery and health optimization.

GENIE enables you to decide which issue you want to work on in a 100% customized, specific, and targeted way

The focus of your GENIE work can be a physical injury, a medical condition, an illness, a disease, low energy, fertility, pain, stress, anxiety, fear, depression, libido, PTSD, anger, grief, unhealthy thought patterns or any other imbalance in the body, mind or emotions.

Once you have defined the focus of your meditation in the questionnaire, you will receive an activation file that induces an inner energetic state in which precise and rapid realignment and repair takes place spontaneously on the necessary levels of the body. Sometimes a single session will be enough to improve or heal a specific issue, but generally use will continue for several weeks or months. A GENIE session takes approximately 30 minutes and is only done once every 10-15 days.

The power of GENIE is that it enables precise access to an internal skillset that is generally only available to people who have done specific types of meditation and energetic practices for decades. GENIE is completely unique and revolutionary as it opens up a new avenue for anyone, regardless of knowledge or experience, to regain a balanced health in a highly effective, easy and natural way. 


As a client, you simply have to define a framework for its use.

When using the GENIE, you express what it is you want to work on/heal, and you define a desired goal of the treatment.

GENIE then serves as the command interface for the necessary internal alignments and bio energetic activity for the healing of your chosen issue to take place. You decide when and where to do the treatment.

The key to getting the desired results with the GENIE is in the setting of a clear intention. By making your focus clear, concise and specific you can easily track and follow the progress of your treatments.

Before using GENIE, it is a good idea to first prioritize your health issues, and then to start the work in the order that suits you. 

Once the initial issue is healed, you move on to the next point on your list. Piece by peice you work your way to a healthier and more enjoyable life experience. You will only be working on one specific issue at a time with GENIE.


Setting your intention, i.e. programming the framework for your internal work, is done through this questionnaire.

Your written intention becomes the main focus coded into the treatment. The internal protocols and alignment will be constructed around this focus point. 

Once completed, the GENIE creates an activation file. This command file is sent to your email as an mp3 audio. When listened to it will induce the specific deep meditation state, in which your body will begin to re-align and repair itself in a targetted and precise way.

Using headphones is highly recommended, but not necessary. The length of a treatment is 11 minutes after which you remain still and relaxed during a minimum of 10 minutes while the energetic structures of your body settle.

Successful healing at any level is accomplished through focus and CONSISTENCY. It is important to continue doing the treatment at the recommended intervals for as long as is necessary. The GENIE is a powerful tool that will help you get to your desired result when used regularly and consistently.

While it is common to begin getting immediate results after the first sessions, some treatments may require several sessions for improvements to show.