Preparation and Recovery

To obtain the best results when using the GENIE it is important to follow the rules and suggestions below concerning the praparation for a treatment and the recovery after a session.

Generally, the best time of day for most treatments is during the morning or during the day. Receiving the treatment late in the evening may interrupt sleep patterns that are important for all levels of the body. This may vary between individuals, but can be used as a general rule.

The treatment should always be received indoors and the space in which one chooses should be peaceful, clean and comfortable. The GENIE can never be used in a bathtub, pool or when immersed in water in any other context.

The most comfortable way to use the GENIE is by stretching and calming down before beginning a session. The more relaxed you are the easier it is for the qi to move within the body. When you receive the treatment you should be lying down with your spine straight. 

For maximum efficiency it is good to have eaten at least 2 hour before a treatment and not to eat during the first 2 hours after the session. This will allow the qi to settle and to go where it has to go without it being interrupted by the digestive processes. 

Doing heavy physical work, sports, asanas, meditation or heavy mental or emotional activity should be avoided in the hours before and after a treatment.

It is very important to finish playing the file without interruptions each time, so remember to turn on flight mode on your device and make sure you will be undisturbed during your treatment. 

The integration of qi in the system is paramount to a successful session. After a treatment is completed the user should remain still, relaxed and preferably alone for a minimum of 10 minutes and ideally up to 30 minutes. If the qi is not given the time to flow and settle in its destination, some of the positive effects will be diminished. This may sometimes cause a sensation of discomfort, unease and irritation as qi may become stagnant or excessive in the wrong regions of the body.

If you decide to work on the root cause of your condition the Genie treatment it is used once every 15 days, the following treatment always being on the 16th day after the previous session. This should go on for as many sessions as is necessary. If you are working on a symptom, the treatment should be done once every 10 days, on the 11th day after the previous session. 

The GENIE has safeguards that deactivate it if any attempt is made to use it more often, or if any incompatibilities are perceived from the level of the Augmented Intelligence Engine scan.

Any energetic intervention will likely have an affect on a person's energy level and mood. This may be immediately noticeable or may surface during the following hours and days. Even if the energy levels are very high after a treatment, this may be a temporary symptom. Even in such a case physical, mental and emotional excesses should be avoided after a treatment.

It is a good idea to give the body at least 48h hours to recover from a session. Much inner movement may take place and proper integration is always required. During this time it is highly important to be attentive to the body’s signals and to give it the rest, peace and nutrients it needs.

If you are receiving other forms of energy treatments as well as using the Genie, you should make sure that at least 72 hours pass between the different sessions. If the Genie treatment you are receiving is not compatible with the other treatment, this will be known from the Augmented Intelligence scan and the next treatment will not activate until the sufficient time has passed.